AC LED Light Engine (MPLR)


Overdrive multi-purpose LED Retrots (MPLR) is uniquely designed to convert and upgrade most of the existing ceiling xtures, pendants to latest LED Technology without rewiring and is as easy as changing a light bulb. With our patented designs, most of the existing ceiling xtures, pendants, and portable lamps are easy to adapt with our LED Retrots without rewiring. With our MPLRs, the lighting factories no longer need to assemble the lighting xtures, they only need to pack all the lighting components in a box and ship to the customers. Parts are installed with MPLR, to become a complete lighting xture. This not only saves the production time and cost, but also allows distributors to stock less

  • Multiple mounting systems provided, with unique patented designs, allowing users to plug n play.
  • Plug & Play Module using E26/GU24 Hard Wire Socket Connecter for Most Fixtures.
  • Three Simple Easy installation options.
  • Multiple wattage - 16W, 19W, 25W available in 3000K and 4000K (Special Color on request)
  • Dimmable and compatible with most major brand dimmers on the market.
  • DOB design with LM80 8000 hours LED chips.
  • Suitable for Industrial and Residential xtures.
  • Suitable for Ceiling Fixtures, Pendants, oor lamps. 5 years warranty.
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AC LED Light Engine (MPLR)


IMAGE ITEM NO MODEL NO Input Voltage (V) Wattage (W) Lumen (lm) Efficacy (lm/W) CCT CRI Power FactorCase QtyCERTIFICATIONS
301 ODMP13163NU 120V 16 1250 78 3000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
309 ODMP13164NU 120V 16 1250 78 4000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
302 ODMP13193NU 120V 19 1520 80 3000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
310 ODMP13194NU 120V 19 1520 80 4000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
303 ODMP13253NU 120V 25 2200 88 3000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
311 ODMP13254NU 120V 25 2200 88 4000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
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