AC LED Light Engine (MPLR)


Overdrive multi-purpose LED Retrofits (MPLR) is uniquely designed to convert and upgrade most of the existing ceiling fixtures, pendants to the latest LED Technology without rewiring and is as easy as changing a light bulb. With our patented designs, most of the existing ceiling fixtures, pendants, and portable lamps are easy to adapt with our LED Retrofits without rewiring. With our MPLRs, the lighting factories, no longer need to assemble the lighting fixtures, they only need to pack all the lighting components in a box and ship to the customers. Parts are installed with MPLR, to become a complete lighting Fixture. This not only saves the production time and cost, but also allows distributors to stock less

  • Multiple mounting systems provided, with a unique patented design, allowing users to plug and play.
  • Plug & Play Module using E26/GU24 Hard Wire Socket Connecter for Most Fixtures.
  • Three Simple, Easy installation options.
  • Multiple wattage - 16W, 19W, 25W available in 3000K and 4000K (Special Colors on request)
  • Dimmable and compatible with most major brand dimmers on the market.
  • DOB design with LM80 8000 hours LED chips.
  • Suitable for Industrial and Residential fixtures.
  • Suitable for Ceiling Fixtures, Pendants, floor lamps. 5 years warranty.
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AC LED Light Engine (MPLR)


IMAGE ITEM NO MODEL NO Input Voltage (V) Wattage (W) Lumen (lm) Efficacy (lm/W) CCT CRI Power FactorCase QtyCERTIFICATIONS
301 ODMP13163NU 120V 16 1250 78 3000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
309 ODMP13164NU 120V 16 1250 78 4000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
302 ODMP13193NU 120V 19 1520 80 3000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
310 ODMP13194NU 120V 19 1520 80 4000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
303 ODMP13253NU 120V 25 2200 88 3000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
311 ODMP13254NU 120V 25 2200 88 4000K 82 >0.924 ETL/ES
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