MR16s GU5.3


Overdrive LED MR Dimmable Lamps are available in GU5.3 (12V AC/DC Use) and replace up to 50w Halogen MR Lamps. They are suitable for residential, commercial & Hospitality application and consume 80% less energy than Halogen lamps and generates less heat.

  • Suitable for Residential, Commercial & Hospitality application
  • Smooth dimming range from 10-100%
  • Direct replacement and easy to fit
  • Instant on and bright and color stability over lifetime of product
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • 5 Years limited warranty
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MR16s GU5.3


IMAGE ITEM NO MODEL NO Input voltage (V)Input Wattage (W) Equivalent Incandescent Nominal Lumen CCT (K) CRI Power FactorLife HrsCase QtyCertification
644 L6MR16DIM/FL/27K 12VAC/DC 6.5W =50W 500 2700K >82 >0.94 25,000 12/24LM79
645 L6MR16DIM/FL/30K 12VAC/DC 6.5W =50W 520 3000K >82 >0.94 25,000 12/24LM79
646 L6MR16DIM/FL/50K 12VAC/DC 6.5W =50W 540 5000K >82 >0.94 25,000 12/24LM79
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