Overdrive is pleased to inform launch of Commercial LED based Lighting Luminaire range, Residential fixture range, 90 CRI LED Retrofit range, Low Bay Retrofits.

Overdrive has recently added Energy Star listed EH80 Jelly Jar Replacement kit which is dust proof and wet location listed and can be directly screwed or installed on most commonly used Jelly Jar or Junction boxes. These EH80 LED Luminaire is helps to save up to 85% in energy cost and reduces maintenance cost. This product comes with 24x7 usage 5 year limited warranty. Overdrive EH80 can be used in Tunnels, walkways, animal confinement area, refrigerator, industrial usage where the weather condition are harsh.

Overdrive has recently added medium based wet location listed, universal voltage (120V/277V) up to 135 Lumen per watt which is one of the brightest LED Light bulb produced. These bulbs can be used in harsh environment area and are dust proof.